Learn more about Resilience at Work

Resilience is the new business imperative.
Resilience is the key to success and fulfillment. It’s the backbone of any organization – the ability of your employees to respond effectively to the demands and pressures of the work world in order to meet goals and expectations with a sense of fulfillment AND maintain quality of life. Learn more about the Resilience at Work model. Calculate the financial impact of lack of resilience and much more.

Find out how resilient you are

Everyone needs resilience
More than education, more than experience, more than training, resilience determines who succeeds and who fails. It’s true whether you are in the cancer ward, chairman of the board, an athlete, or a front line worker facing demands and pressures of an unrelenting workplace. Take the 10-minute online assessment and find out how resilient you are.

Request a Resilience at Work Keynote Presentation

Provide your team with the mindset, skillset and toolset to remain calm, focused and positive when challenged with stress, pressure and uncertainty in the chaotic workplace.

For inquiries about speaking engagements by Tim or Sandy, please contact us.

Tell us your resilience story

Please share your stories with us
We all have stories about how we overcame adversity, bounced back from setbacks and recovered from challenges. These stories uplift and inspire us to learn and grow to be better equipped for the future.

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