Spring is always an exciting time for us in Human Resources – it means recruiting and planning for a summer of College Recruiting as part of our Zoo U College Relations Program.  I remember when I first started at San Diego Zoo Global back in 2004…and was amazed that our organization did not have a formal summer internship program.  Coming from the hospitality industry, where college relations is a major part of future succession planning and leadership development, it seemed a no-brainer that we should have interns – I still contend that whatever one is studying in college, there is a possible link at San Diego Zoo Global in terms of a summer internship.  Well, we are now entering into our 10th year of the Zoo U College Relations program, and are excited to be hosting approximately 175 summer interns this summer from around the nation.  We provide housing, a great summer work experience, classes, and a fun calendar of events for the interns.  Also, this is great our management team – we train them to be mentors/coaches for the interns, taking them under their wings, and helping share our passion for what we do – and, in essence, raising talented new leaders to take our vision into the future.  That’s part of being a resilient organization.  And it has definitely become a best practice for us.